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Rise & Co. partners with ascendant companies and inspired individuals to bring radical ideas and ideals to fruition.

We take a human-centered approach to surface the future possible — we design, storytell and invest, making vital products and projects real, and building brands that move people.

Know How

Our team wields the skills and wisdom to put solutions into action, delivering maximum impact for our partners.


Know When

We amplify our impact by collaborating at key inflection points in the business lifecycle.




Develop a deep understanding of the market and audience, then articulate a defensible position and shepherd world-class implementation.



Land product/market fit, identify targets and engage audiences with resonant brand stories to claim a share of mind and market.



Explore adjacent possibilities to define what new products/services are viable, and how and where to target new audiences.



Strategic and purposeful adaptation for long term success. Identify when it’s time to rejuvenate business models, offerings and partnerships to unlock unrealized value.


We offer a wide range of capabilities, but what’s most important is how we connect them.

As your partner we invest ourselves in your company’s unique challenges and objectives, zooming fluidly between the macro and micro to develop winning strategies and nimble solutions.


Competitive Landscape
Audience Insights & Definition
Brand Positioning
Story, Voice & Tone
Campaign Development


Brand Identity
Visual Language
Product UX/UI
Messaging & Content
Packaging & Environments
Systems & Guidelines


Fundraising Strategy
Investor Presentations
Market & Opportunity Analysis
Strategic Partnerships & Biz Dev


We don’t call them clients. We call them partners, collaborators and friends.

We are thrilled to work with truly extraordinary people, counting visionaries, inventors, change-makers, and mavericks among our partners.


Reinventing school transportation for the modern age.

Brand Strategy, Identity and Web

Clover Food Lab

Fast, affordable and unforgettably delicious vegetarian food.

Brand Strategy, Design & Web


Building a functional cure for diabetes via next generation cell therapy.

Consulting & Advising

Visby Medical

Bringing rapid PCR diagnostic to the point-of-need.

Brand and Product Strategy


Elevating performance footwear from the point of contact.

Investment & Advising


Automating mileage tracking for the self-directed workforce.

Investment & Advising


Revolutionizing how coffee is made and delivered.


Space Perspective

Shepherding in a new era of spaceflight and tourism.

Consulting & Advising

Milk Street

Introducing at-home cooks to a bold global palate.

Brand Strategy, Identity and Web


Our Team

It’s our ardent belief that the best solutions are born from collaborative teams made up of diverse perspectives.

Guthrie Dolan Guthrie Dolan


Guthrie Dolin

Guthrie Dolin is a seasoned design leader and a serial entrepreneur. Over his career he has operated award-winning design and innovation consultancies and partnered with visionary leaders to launch numerous brands and products.

Guthrie Dolin
Guthrie Dolin

Founder, Chief Design Officer

Guthrie Dolin

Guthrie is an eternal optimist with a ceaseless drive to build brands and businesses that will shape our future. And if he has his way, that future will be bright af. He prides himself on his ability to synthesize, find the signal in the noise, and is always there to apply the creative juice and sensei-level design savvy that makes projects pop.
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Tunde Whitten
Tunde Whitten

Director, Brand Strategy

Tunde Whitten

Tunde marries a nuanced command of language with an acute understanding of human behavior. He’s officiated several weddings, so he marries his friends, too. He centers his work at the intersection of authenticity and cultural relevance, codifying brand personas and cooking up messages that resonate with people’s emotions and beliefs.

Gwinn Appleby
Gwinn Appleby

Director, Engagements

Gwinn Appleby

Gwinn knows what it takes to deliver the exceptional while ensuring the client experience flow is as smooth as her favorite tequila. A multi-talent with strong conceptual and aesthetic chops, she uses her strategic acumen to optimize the creative process in ways that best serve a company’s overarching business objectives.

Irene Shoikhet
Irene Shoikhet

Design Director

Irene Shoikhet

Irene combines impeccable taste with a keen attention to detail. But don’t take our word for it, just look at the sophisticated composition of the wall behind her when she’s on zoom. In her designs, she deploys tasty typography, Swiss grid systems, elegant color palettes and evocative imagery to develop stunning visual design solutions that are both unique and universal.

Namane Mohlabane
Namane Mohlabane

Venture Partner

Namane Mohlabane

Namane has built a uniquely curated network that puts big ideas into action. He draws upon a wealth of experience in entertainment, real estate development, startup investing, hospitality and entrepreneurship to launch cause-based and category-defining ventures. It’s likely he already knows someone you’ve worked with, and maybe even you!

Mette Vangso
Mette Vangso

People, Culture & Operations

Mette Vangso

Mette knows what people need to do their best work and what’s needed to make business hum like a well-tuned engine. A one-woman agency infrastructure, with her the i’s are always dotted and the numbers always add up. She possesses bright energy and peerless style, and a necklace collection that belongs in MoMA.


We surround ourselves with those that both challenge, and uplift us.

Erik Moore

Founder and Managing
Director, Base Ventures

Troy Young

Former President,

Dan Bomze

CEO and Investor

Stephen DeBerry

Founder and Managing Partner,
Bronze Investments

Joanna Rees

VSP Ventures

Lenny Mendonca